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So I’m going to need a backpack in port to carry around the podcasting equipement (camera, mic, tripod, etc) and my computer, so I can edit then upload the files in each city.

Choices so far:

Kelty Women’s Shrike 26 $100

I like this one cause of the large zippered main part, so it’s easy to get stuff in and out of. Compression straps for making the bag smaller and for holding a tripod in the water bottle holder area. Stuff area at the front for a jacket. Small top zippered area sd cards, wallet, phone. Also has hip straps to support heavy weights. Issues – it might be too big, but could also hold clothes for overnight trips. Lack or organization in side for batteries, computer charger, usb charger, maps, etc. Also no padded area for camera. I would have to provide my own padding.



Kata KT DL-DR-466 $100

This bag is made for those carrying camera equipment and a computer. I like the more compact size and the padded camera area and the tons of zippered areas to store stuff. Also has a place for a tripod. Comes with a rain fly too!¬†What I don’t like is the amount of zippers – that makes for easy access for someone to quickly take something from the bag. The zippers that go to the sides tuck in, but with the others I would need to put something in between them (maybe carabiner?) to keep them together. I’m leaning towards this one since it’s available on Amazon prime- I could buy it and see if it fits everything and if not send it back hassle free.

Timbuk2 Classic Messenger Bag small $90

I’m not sure if this bag would fit my computer as well, but either this one or the x-small would be good for a day bag where I would just need to fit the camera or just a flip cam. I like this instead of a large purse.





Yes the bags are all in black, better to look like a local in Europe and other countries.

Any thoughts?



So the last time John and I talked he had the idea of doing a timelapse of docking in each port – genius! I looked on Youtube to see if there were many of them or if it was commonly done and I couldn’t find much at all except for the Panama Canal. I took his idea and bumped it up a notch, what if we had a map in the top left corner that put the position of the boat as we made our way to the dock?! That would be super cool. We also want John to do a voice over of what you’re seeing and the history of the place as you watch. Most GoPro videos are just done to music, which can be cheesy, we want to throw some education in there too!

So I talked with Kelley the IT person on the ship at our last SAS get together for those in Cville. He told me they have a GPS unit in the library and that he should be able to get me the .kml file which is timestamped to pair with the photos, awesome! I just need to make sure to get them day of, as the data is only saved for 6 hours.

I know docking of the ship happens early (like 5am) but it’s totally worth it! Hopefully I can pull it off and have a file ready to upload by the time we are cleared to get off the ship into port in each city.


So, John Boyer, the professor I work for at Virginia Tech, will also be sailing on the voyage (he actually helped me get the teaching assistant job on ship, thanks!). Our plan is to teach an online World Regions class at Virginia Tech while on the ship where we’ll be teaching World Regions and Geography of Wine. We plan/hope to record a podcast in each port about the history/culture/geography/politics, etc of the area for the students on ship and those at Virginia Tech. We also want to try to have our usual online office hours via Ustream a few times during the semester as well.

My main concern is finding a high speed internet connection for uploading this videos. I would really prefer to not be stuck in a cafe or hotel all afternoon trying to upload a file. Also finding a good connection for live streaming that might also have an interesting background.

With these requirements of podcasting, editing and streaming we’ll be needing some new equipment – yay! I’m a geek and love researching and getting new gear. Luckily Virginia Tech has offered support for these purchases :)

Here is my list so far:

Canon XA 10 HD camera
2 extra batteries
4 sd cards for storage
shotgun mic
Go Pro hero2
tripod connector for Go Pro
GorillaPod tripod

Macbook pro computer: 15″ 2.7ghz quad-core, no retina, with anti-glare screen
SSD internal hard drive upgrade
ram upgrade
external hard drive backup
travel hard drive backup

backpack to carry what I need around port that doesn’t say steal me, lol.

Have any suggestions?

So this fall I will be sailing around the Atlantic on the 50th anniversary voyage of Semester at Sea as a teaching assistant! Super exciting! 115 days, 16 cities, 14 countries! The only place I’ve been to on the list is London a couple times in high school to visit my brother who was stationed there. I am a super researcher so I’m already looking at equipment I’ll need, clothing, and what to do in each port. This trip is going to rock! I’ve also heard that once you’ve gone on a trip and do well you’ll be invited back for more! Fingers crossed it goes well!