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Professor Disrupting Lecture Hall with Best Use of Skype Ever

In addition to his YouTube videos, Professor Boyer also maintains a course website and holds weekly office hours with his students using AIM and UStream. He frequently communicates course news and events through his Facebook page and Twitter account, and he and assistant Katie Pritchard actively uses the #wrvt hashtag for backchannel communication with his super-sized class.

Usually Boyer gets all the press but I actually got a mention in the article from EdTech Digest. I don’t mind being the tech side kick running things in the background, but it’s nice getting a mention every once in a while ;)







I love this infograph!

The State of Digital Education

Created by Knewton and Column Five Media

Love these quotes from The Chronicle of Higher Education and the post from Nov 6, 2011 entitled “How Technology Can Improve Online Learning—and Learning in General

Rather than debating whether classroom education is better than online education, we should be looking for ways to use technology to improve the overall quality of higher education.

Totally agree! That’s part of what my job is at Virginia Tech working for John Boyer and his class of 3000 – finding new technologies and finding ways that can be used to help teach the course, either through better communication or new ways to increase participation in class or better learning in general.

Technology has fundamentally changed the productivity of every industry in America except education.

Completely agree with this as well. Lecture halls look the same as they did a century ago and the format is the same: one “smart” person up front lecturing and giving their information to students.