Last filming of the trip! There were these amazing, harrowing statues on the dock representing starving people making their ways to the ships to leave Ireland due to the famine. John did a video there on the potato famine and food security today.

I then went to shopping center around the corner to work on editing and uploaded. Spent about 3 hours there working since the internet was pretty fast.

Then back to the ship to drop of my bag so I didn’t have to lug around the camera and laptop the rest of the day.

Wandered around the shipping areas trying to find a sneaker store to score some new kicks. Found one a nice selection and picked up a pair of pumas for a decent price.

Walked a bit more of the city and figured out wifi on my phone to give my mom a call, hi mom! Then one last glass of wine before making my way back to the ship.

We disembarked at 8pm on are way to Lisbon. Hopefully it won’t be too rocky.

John and I headed back to Guinness to film when no one else was there and do a class shout out. We had the whole 360 bar to ourselves, it was great!

Next stop was somewhere with wifi and lunch. We found a bar/restaurant that was an old church where the founder of Guinness was married, neat! Did a bunch of work and uploaded some videos and had a snack.

We then headed to the old Windmill Lane Studios where U2 recorded the first few albums. Its not abandoned with lots of awesome graffiti. We even saw some kids adding their own. We recorded a video there on U2.

Today was also the “Super Bowl” of the local Gaelic football. The local Dubs were playing Mayo in Dublin. It seemed like half the country was in town and cheering for their team. We went into a bar to watch the game with some locals. The game was fun to watch – its a mix between soccer and rugby. The locals were all about their team and were very excited when they won. The bar erupted!

After that excitement we had a light dinner and headed back to the ship after a long day.

Today I got up early to make the trip to Howth which is about 45 minutes north of Dublin. I unfortunately missed the 8am shuttle so had to walk to the train station. Then at the main city train station book a ticket to Howth. It was a 45 minute ride through the suburbs.

There are trails that go all over the island and I went for the longer route that went all the way across then back around to the pier area. The path was a bit confusing and not well marked at the beginning, but I found some locals and they gave me proper directions.

Part of the trail was across a golf course so I looked left and right for incoming golf balls and hustled across, lol.

It was a beautiful hike up and over, and then along some the cliffs on the far side. I saw a couple light houses and some beautiful scenes of the harbor and Dublin. It was about a 4 hour hike when I made it to the pier and was quite hungry.

I looked on my phone on Foursquare for a good places for lunch and found a place named “Octopussy tapas bar” and I had to go with that. Wow was it amazing. I was starving from the hike and ordered 6 oysters and shrimp in a spicy red sauce. Soo good! I was still hungry after that and asked the waitress what her favorite was and she recommended the monkfish, mussels, and baby shrimp in a white wine, butter, garlic sauce. Omg it was devine, best meal I’ve had so far! I had a house French Sauvignon Blanc white wine with it, yum!

Then it was back to the train and Dublin. I took a shower and then a delightful nap. I woke up and wandered to dinner to see if there was anyone I knew. I saw Sarah an RD I knew from Cville and we decided to go out to a wine bar. We went to a couple bars and have dessert and then ran into John and had another glass and another snack. It was a fun night as I hadn’t gotten a chance to hang with Sarah yet much on the trip cause we’ve been so busy.

Good morning Dublin! We docked around midnight last night and I woke up to not have any internet, ah and apparently we won’t have any the whole time while we’re here. Another plus for getting a sim card in every country. Got to have email, and of course Facebook, Instragram, and Twitter :)

Guinness!So John, his son Jake, Jessica a colleague, and I all made our way to Guinness. We had a shuttle bus into the downtown area since we are about a 40 minute walk. However it was packed so we decided to just walk to the nearest tram stop and take the to Guinness which worked out fine.

Guinness was awesome. I was really impressed. I didn’t expect much but they had really invested a lot in converting their old brewery into a museum and having interactive displays. On the first and second floor each room was dedicated to each ingredient. They had this large waterfall display to show the important of the water, which is from the Wicklow mountains west of town.

The had this room of portraits which were large LCD tvs, turned on their side displaying short films of a person talking to the camera. These people were dressed as someone who lived at the time they were talking about. It was really neat and as I type this, hard to describe.

On the 4th floor we ran into a guy who was about to give a talk about Guinness in food and a pairing tasting. He was fun to talk to going over the different variants of Guinness and how there are actually around 27 different varieties of Guinness around the world. The recipe is changed slightly depending on where it is brewed or what market it is for. Anther random fact, the 2nd biggest market (1st Ireland) is Nigeria! They drink lots of Guinness in Africa.

So yea we got to taste brown bread made with Guinness with cream cheese and salmon on top and a chocolate mouse tart both paired with Guinness Foreign Extra Stout. Tasty!

Finally we went to the 7th floor, 360 degree, glass enclosed bar. Best place to drink a Guinness in Ireland!

We then walked to lunch in the Temple Bar area and met up with John’s family. We all had lunch together at a place called The Bank and had some great fish and chips and a local cider.

We grabbed SIM cards (yay!) so we could have access to the internet the whole time we’re here. It is nice though many places have free wifi in Dublin compared to the last 3 ports which did not.

Next I went to a pub to kill time before the culture night started. The Book of Kells would be free to view starting at 5pm, so I spent the 9 euro I saved on a beer tasting.

Long Library

Long Library

Got in line at 5 and got to see the Book of Kells and the Long Hall Library which was amazing. The Book of Kells was alright cause you’re seeing a really old book, but the library was absolutely stunning. 2 stories of books and lots of busts of famous people.

I then checked out the original Windmill Lane studio where U2 recorded their first albums which got them famous. The buildings there are now abandoned leading to lots of awesome graffiti.

For culture night the current location of the Windmill Lane Studios was open for touring and had live music. I got there around 645 and got the last ticket to the free music at 7:30. They showed you the studios they record in – for current artists and albums, for movies, and for video games. It was pretty neat. Finally on the 3rd floor in the largest studio a Irish indie rock band, the Raglans played a great 40 minute set. Totally worth it!

I then checked my list of culture night plans, and made my way to the edible food art display. I got to the side street it was located in, got some free ice cream and made my way to the gallery around this stage. I walked right on it and through all the rooms with some cool art pieces made from cake, or frosting, or cookies, etc.

I headed back outside to see if the band was still on and thats when I saw the gigantic line to the left. Whoops! I totally somehow just walked in when there was a 45 minute line going down the block.

I had a panini sandwich and a glass of wine and sat outside enjoying the music. Then I made it back to the ship and to bed.

So we stayed docked in Le Harve an extra 36 hours before leaving Wednesday morning around 6am. There were fears of very roughs seas and I was ready for it! And it ended up being pretty mild with a bit of rocking but not bad. Days at sea are the same – work, class, eat, work, drink, hangout, etc.

John did a good talk on Ireland and the history the night before we docked so that was fun and interesting. I booked Guinness tickets for Friday morning so that will be fun. Also Friday night is Dublin’s culture night so I went through the 150+ events and picked out the ones I wanted to attend and planned my night.

The internet is pretty bad. I can really only do work before noon and then its 5 minutes to load an page, ridiculous! And they said it could be interfered with in Dublin port…hmm not sure it could get any slower.