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I got up early to try to workout this morning. I hadn’t worked out in a week cause I was sick and then hurt my ankle and it was killing me. I figured I could work out arms without any issues and I did just that. It felt great!

I did some work in the morning prepping quiz questions we need to get done for the class at Virginia Tech. Then we went out in search of wifi which unlike Russia was not very available. Most cafe and restaurants did not have free wifi. I use the Foursquare app to search for wifi places and found a couple and headed out. The first cafe was a juice place so I got a delicious juice that I have no idea what was it in cause I can’t read German. We worked there for about 2 hours until we couldn’t take the heat anymore. Most places do not have air conditioning as its not that warm for most of the year.

German tapas

German tapas

Next was lunch at a German brew pub. They had a tapas plate with 6 different dishes that we ordered. It was awesome! That and a glass of wine and I was set to do some more work, fun!

Found another cafe, this one a little cooler and up a story with good views of the city. Had an ice-tea which ended up being a fruity sweet tea, but still good. Finished entering questions for the quiz and headed back to the ship. On the way back there was a big stage set up in front of the Rathaus with a band playing. Looking at the schedule it look like it was the start of free music all weekend. I had a light dinner on the ship, iced my ankle a bit, and then went out to check on the music.

I go there right when a ska band was on with horns and everything. Next thing I know they are playing Mighty Mighty Bosstones in German, awesome! I ran into some other SAS faculty/staff members and hung out with them trying German food and having a couple beers. I tried currywurst which is sausage cut up topped with curry powder and ketchup served in a hotdog bun. It was good and a bit spicy, went well with the beer!

The last band ended at 11 and we headed back shortly after that.

Our boat got in around 3am, I was on the part of the ship that faced the city so I got a great view in the morning.

I had found a free walking tour online that was leaving at 11 from the Rathaus (town hall) so I had gotten the Boyers and a few others interested and we headed out at 10am.

First thing though, I went to the clinic on the second deck around 730 when it opened to have the doctor check out my ankle. Prognosis: bad sprain. Ice and time is the only treatment and pain meds.

I figured I’m not sure the next time I’ll be in Hamburg so why not go for it. Yes walking on my ankle won’t help it heal quicker but it won’t do more damage.

So we took the subway a couple stops to the city center to meet up with the tour. I grabbed a SIM card on the way so I could use my phone while in Germany. Only 10 euro for 200mb. Hopefully that will last me.

The tour was 3 hours long and brought us all over the city center. Luckily we maybe only walked 2 miles which isn’t bad. We learned all about the history of the city and how it was wiped off the map in WWII and rebuilt. It had over 100,000 bombs dropped on it over about a week period. Intense.

After the tour we has lunch together At a local restaurant. I had pork schnitzel and fried potatoes and of course a beer!

A few us continued onto a local brewery our guide had pointed out and had another pint and a pretzel. Yum!

We then headed back to the ship around 630. I had meant to just relax and ice my leg for a bit but I ended up watching a movie and passing out at 9! Whoops. I probably needed the rest with my ankle anyways.

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Entering the first lock and Kiel Canal

Entering the first lock and Kiel Canal

Forgot to mention yesterday, but we were informed we would be sailing through the Kiel Canal instead of going back around Denmark. The canal cuts through the Jutland Peninsula in Germany. We’ll be sailing through the German countryside. I got up early to set up the camera to hopefully timelape the 10+ hour journey. John also wanted to film an intro so we went to the top deck, before we entered the canal and filmed an into. It came out pretty good but I might need to get one of those furry microphone covers to help block the wind more.

We entered the canal around 10am and excited around 11pm. We “parked” near the end for like 5 hours though because we were going too fast, aka if we went our normal speed we would of been to Hamburg at 7pm, but needed to slow down to allow for class time and since they don’t let us off early.

We went under quite a few bridges and through the countryside of Germany. We saw many bikers as their was a path following the canal for most of the time. Many people waved too, which was fun.

Today was my 2 class day so helped out John and Ricks classes. We also had German passport control that we picked up at the first lock to stamp our passports so we didn’t have to do it when we got to Hamburg. That was suppose to take only 5 hours but took all day. I didn’t get my passport stamped till around 3pm and the guy for some reason didn’t want to use the new pages in my passport even though thats what they are there for! He finally realized they were the only open spaces and stamped on the last new page, ┬álol.

I was still feeling sick today but not as bad as yesterday. I was asked last week to play on the dependent kids soccer team as they needed a girl and thought I looked like I might be good. I agreed and tonight was our first game. I didn’t think we would win as we’re going up against college students and the kids were 12 and 13. The court is this small netted area on the 7th deck and it was 3 vs 3. We were doing ok, losing 2-5 but not too bad. Now the bad part: I was running after the ball and managed to roll my ankle, bad! It was one of those blinding pains and i just stopped where I was and went down. Now I’ve rolled it before and usually this pain lasts 10-20 seconds and I’m good to go if I walk it off. This was not one of those. Took a good 30 seconds to get moving and hobble off the court.

I sat down on the ground and had some water. Now my ankle didn’t feel too bad right now, I could walk on it, but as I looked down I realized it was already swollen, eek! I had some water, watched the rest of the game which we lost 7-5, and went to shower. By this time it was really stiff and very swollen. The clinic closed at 6:30 and by this time it was 7. I put some ice on it and took some pain meds. I knew the doctor, who I’ve befriend (he’s wicked cool), was going to be talking during the preport presentation from 8-9 and I stalked him afterwards to check out my ankle and see if he had any suggestions. He went back down to the clinic and grabbed me an ace bandage and a ice pack and told me to come by in the morning so he could look at it more.

John gave a talk on Germany from 9-10:30 but I only lasted till 9:45 as my ankle was hurting and I could get in a good position to ice it.

So that was the excitement of my day! Hope the prognosis in the morning is better.




Eh still sick! Now the cold has moved into my chest. Good times! Hopefully I can beat it before Germany!

Only class today is Geography of Wine, which is fun. Its tough to really teach much when there is only 1 hour and 15 minute class before the next port. John tried to cover beer and 5 minutes on German wine. We might try to find a wine bar close to the ship and invite the students to join us their to talk about wine. We’ll see if I can find one.

The internet on the ship is getting worse as more people are using it. I find I can use it pretty well before noon, then after that it takes 5 minutes to load a page. In the night I can’t even get on. I’ll have to start getting up early to get my work done.

Tonight we got the appetizer plate for Germany which had baked Camembert cheese, sausage and sauerkraut, bread and butter, some sort of mini meat pie, and a dessert I’m blanking on. Whoops. Well it was tasty! I’ll be signing up for them all semester. They are only offer to faculty, staff, and lifelong learners, in the lounge we have access too.

Headed to bed early again, I’m determined to not be sick in Hamburg!

So yesterday morning I woke up with a sore throat but I thought it was from being a heavy smoking bar. FYI you can smoke anywhere in Russia and 50% of deaths are caused from smoking and/or alcohol. They are hard core! This morning however my throat was killing me and I had a head cold as well. Bummer! Luckily I brought cold medicine so I’ve been taking that. I feel bad being around a lot of people on the ship being sick and have been washing my hands a lot as to not spread my germs.

Today was a B day which is when I have to TA for World Geography with John and Global Business Ethics with Rick. I just sit there and work in John’s class and only stay for the first 15 minutes and take attendance in Ricks. Pretty easy!

Nothing too exciting today. It rained a bit and the waters were a little rougher but not too bad. I signed up to get the appetizer plate for Germany so that will be something different tomorrow.

Heading to bed early to try to catch up and defeat this cold!