Today we had a slower start and made our way up and out of the Medina to see if we could find breakfast. We had found a bakery yesterday that had tasty treats and made our way back there. While everyone was picking out what they wanted, I noticed a stall across the street with a bunch of people in front of it. I went to investigate and I guy was frying dough in the shape of a donut with a string tied around it. You then could dip the donut into sugar and cinnamon. It was more like the fried dough you get at a fair then a donut, but good none the less!

Blue Gate

Blue Gate

We found a restaurant that was open for breakfast and some of the group got eggs. I was still full from my donut so had a mint tea the specialty of Morocco. And damn they load the sugar in – its more like a dessert. The restaurant was on the 3rd story in a covered porch area so we had a great view of the medina and the blue gate, one of the doorways to the medina.

Some of our group had to head back to the ship so they headed to the train station while the rest of us decided to wander around the markets more and try to find the tanneries we’d heard about. Depending on which “street” we went down we could either see the food market, with camel heads for purchase or lots of tourist shopping items. We headed down down down into the Medina and after about 15 minutes we saw a sign to tanneries and a guy who decided to lead us. AKA we had to pay him at the end but it was only a few dollars.

Drying pelts

Drying pelts

We got to see where they were dying yellow (Turmeric) and the leather pelts that had been dyed. It was neat but smelly. I didn’t get too close.

We then got a bit more of a tour of the Medina including a super skinny streets and also a place where a guy was throwing wood chips into a fire to heat the water for the bathhouse next door. He just sat there and did that for hours. Crazy!

A couple more people were coming in to stay the night so we met them and then led them through the medina to our place. From there we decided to split up – some wanted to go into the mountains and a couple of us wanted to stay in the medina and explore some more.

Nathan and I stayed and went out to lunch before heading back into the medina. We had another great view of the Medina from the top floor and had a delicious lunch.

Next we made it our goal to find the bigger tanneries waaaay in the medina. 25-30 minutes of walking down and down we started seeing signs and finally let a guy lead us to his shop with a balcony looking over the pits. Luckily he gave us some mint to hold to our noses to mask the smell. It was an amazing site with lots more pits than before. I guess every few days the color changes, today it looked brown/red. We looked around the shop as I was looking for a purse and maybe some shoes. I didn’t find anything but Nathan got some sweet shoes and we headed back up stopping along the way in more shops.

Dying pits

Dying pits

I found a nice lined, leather purse in one of the shops and after haggling got it for $20 which I was happy with. Also got some cheap slipper shoes for the ship. After shopping and walking it was about time to meet back up with our group. We ended up going to a western bar that also had hookah. It was great to sit on the roof, have a beer and smoke some hookah. The rest of the group met us there, we got some snacks then moved on to a place for dinner.

Another roof top place where we order some tagines, but it took almost an hour for the food to come which was annoying. We destroyed it and then headed back to our place to enjoy some wine and hang out.

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