We were up early to take the 9:15 train to Fez and after waiting on the platform for 30 minutes and then having to move to another platform the train arrived. We paid a few dollars extra to be in first class with more room and air conditioning. It was a 3.5 hour train ride through the countryside and Rebat and finally ending in Fez. We first started walking to where we through we needed to go, then realized we need a cab. There were 6 of us so we split up in 2 cabs and then met up with the guy who had the place that we were staying. We ended up renting a home in the medina off AirBnB. We didn’t realized the Medina (meaning old city) was a labyrinth of “streets” aka walking paths. It took us about 15 minutes from the main post office where we met the guy, and 15-20 right or left turns to get to the house. Insane! The whole way all of us were thinking how the hell were we going to get back out.

When we finally got to the house it was a 3 story place with an open air terrace on the roof. The view of the whole medina from there was amazing. The stairs were crazy and about 2 feet tall and super steep. The stairwell could just fit a person, not with your backpack on. Really cool place.

Cous cous


The guy we met then asked if we wanted Couscous and we said of course! Couscous is only served on Friday the holy day. He left and 20 minutes later and he brought back a whole plate with 6 spoons for us. We ate it on the roof and it was delicious.

We then decided to explore and try to figure our way back to the top. The Medina is lower in elevation so thats a good way of knowing where to walk. Uphill – out. Downhill – in. Jess had the great idea to take photos at each turn with one of us pointing the way back to our place. We got turned around a couple times, but made it back out!

We wandered to the market/shopping street which we later realized is a massive part of the medina. Lots of shop owners asking us to come in a look as they are a bargaining society. Side note – its hot and as a woman I needed to be more covered. I had on pants and a button down long sleeve shirt. Can’t wait to wear a tank top.

We wandered into a hotel to use the internet and also noticed they had a bar. We had a local beer which was a very light and $5 each. Damn!

We found a place for dinner, Snack Omar, which was recommended on Wikivoyage and totally rocked. The Tagines were only like $4 each which its plenty for 1 person and we ordered a few of them so we could share. So delicious and cheap!

It was also interesting to be eating and see the owner/waiter putting a mat down in the middle of the room and do his evening prayers towards Mecca.

We made our way back to the place, not getting to lost and stayed up talking and relaxing.

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