I didn’t really have a plan for today, other than getting some money from the ATM and wandering around Casablanca. However at breakfast I head about some folks going to a beach just south of town to go surfing, which sounded like fun. It took us a while to be cleared so we had lunch on the ship. Then took the shuttle to the edge of the port and wandered around trying to find a working ATM which took about 20 minutes. Next was a cab big enough to carry the 5 of us who were going.

40 minutes later we were down the coast and to the beach, yay! I rented a boogie board and my friend Megan a surf board. The water was decently warm, but the waves were a bit rocky so we were riding the white wash. The only disappointing thing was the amount of trash that was on the beach and in the surf. They needed a beach cleanup crew. We stayed there for a few hours then made our way back to the ship.

Showered and met up with some other folks who were interested in going out to dinner. We had to walk through the port as the shuttle was taking a 2 hour dinner break. We decided on La Sqala a tourist restaurant but great. It is located in an old fort and we nicely decorated. We sat outside and it was a beautiful night. We got a bunch of dishes to split including a few different tagines and other local specialities a couple featuring lamb. Of course no alcohol though, being in a Muslim society. The food was delicious and it was fun eat with a group and be able to sample a bunch of different dishes. And the assorted dessert plated finished off the night.

Tomorrow we’re taking the train to Fes, exciting!

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