Sevilla Cathedral

Sevilla Cathedral

Good morning! We packed up out of the hostel and left our stuff there and went to meet up with some other SAS colleagues who were in town. We all went out for breakfast at a local cafe and of course got a bottle of sparkling!

We then headed back to the Cathedral since we couldn’t get inside yesterday. It was beautiful! Inside is also where Christopher Columbias’ remains are. We also did the walk to the top of the tower for great views of the whole city. It was strange because instead of stairs they had ramps that were like a square all the way up. I wondered why and never got an answer. Maybe so horses could go up?

View from the top

View from the top

We then went out for a late lunch and had delicious tapas and wine and even met up with another SAS group.

Finally it was time to head to our bus and to Cadiz where the ship was. We grabbed our stuff back at the hostel and took the 7pm bus. We arrived in Cadiz and wandered the old city area near our ship and ended up running into more colleagues and have more tapas. Spain definitely treated me right!

One Thought on “Day 38: Sevilla to Cadiz

  1. Great pictures, as always!

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