Another beautiful rainy day. Left the ship and immediately got caught in a downpour and my jeans got soaked, fun! I wandered around Lisbon in the morning since we had a bus to catch to Sevilla, Spain at 1:45. The bus was long – 7 hours, but it was a decent ride with nice scenery of scrub landscape.

It was John his son Jake and me. We wanted to go to Sevilla to see the last bullfight of the season. We got there around 9:30pm and made our way to the hostel. I find a nice one downtown over looking a little square. We dropped off our stuff and headed out for tapas. In Spain, people don’t head out for dinner till 9pm so we were right on time. We had some awesome tapas and wine and rolled back to the hostel.

IMG_3466Today was also my good friends, Scott and Myndi’s wedding. I was so sad to miss it. Luckily I got wifi and was able to see some of the photos that people were posting on Facebook. John and I sent them this photo, cheersing them


One Thought on “Day 36: Lisbon to Sevilla, Spain

  1. Can’t have the sun shining everyday! You look like you’re enjoying yourself however Jon looks like he needs a couple more glasses of wine!

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