So last night was horrible. I’m on starboard side of the ship, and it was a rough journey towards Portugal. We were going through a storm so our stablizers were out. These are fins that stick out from the side of the ship into the ocean to help keep the ship from rocking so much. On the starboard side, it needs to be oiled bad and makes it sound like a really loud dying whale. I tried to go to bed at 10:30 since I had to be up early for the field lab and even with ear plugs and big headphones over my ears it was soo loud. I couldn’t sleep at all. Finally at 11:30 I couldn’t stand it any more and got up and asked the pursers desk what the hell the noise was. I was informed about the stablizers and that the motion sickness meds they give out for free might help me sleep. I did a couple laps around the ship to see what was up and then took a couple of the pills and tried to go back to sleep. No luck!! Finally at 2:30am they gave up on the stablizers (guess the waves have to be going a certain way for them to work) and pulled them in, so I was finally able to sleep. I’m not looking forward to more rough weather and the stablizers. Again only on starboard side, port side its well oiled and makes no noise (grrr)

IMG_3408So we had out Geography of Wine field lab heading to 2 wineries and a cheese farm. We traveled about 1 hour south east of Lisbon to a small wine region. First stop was Jose Maria da Fonseca and their aging room. Of course it was absolutely pouring since we road in with the storm. This place was really cool and had some cool large wooden barrels for aging. The wine was really good too. Good times!

Next was a cheese farm where the students got to get hands on and mold cheese. We then tried the cheese and it was delicious, I ended up buying some to bring back to the ship.

We then stopped briefly at a tile factory where they follow the old traditions of making tiles and painting them.

Finally we went to Bacalhoa another winery. We got to see their production facility where they first take the grapes and destem them, and start fermenting to make the wine. We also got to taste Alicante Bouchet that hasn’t been picked yet from the vine.

Their winery was crazy. I guess its own by a super rich guy who loves art and collecting it. He had a whole African art display inside the aging warehouse and crazy statues outside including one of Abe Lincoln.

Their wines were very good as well and they even served us some of the local cheese to try with the wine. Yum! I bought a couple of bottles that I enjoyed and then we headed back to the ship.

I rested and then met up with a group that was heading out with our interport lecturer for dinner. We had some tasty tapas and wine. I headed back tot he ship early since I didn’t get too much sleep last night.

One Thought on “Day 35: Lisbon: Wine field lab

  1. Well, at least the wine and cheese were good!

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