Last filming of the trip! There were these amazing, harrowing statues on the dock representing starving people making their ways to the ships to leave Ireland due to the famine. John did a video there on the potato famine and food security today.

I then went to shopping center around the corner to work on editing and uploaded. Spent about 3 hours there working since the internet was pretty fast.

Then back to the ship to drop of my bag so I didn’t have to lug around the camera and laptop the rest of the day.

Wandered around the shipping areas trying to find a sneaker store to score some new kicks. Found one a nice selection and picked up a pair of pumas for a decent price.

Walked a bit more of the city and figured out wifi on my phone to give my mom a call, hi mom! Then one last glass of wine before making my way back to the ship.

We disembarked at 8pm on are way to Lisbon. Hopefully it won’t be too rocky.

One Thought on “Day 31: Last day in Dublin

  1. Even for a few minutes it was great talking with you! Sounds like you had a bit of down time to just poke around the place, which is always fun!

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