John and I headed back to Guinness to film when no one else was there and do a class shout out. We had the whole 360 bar to ourselves, it was great!

Next stop was somewhere with wifi and lunch. We found a bar/restaurant that was an old church where the founder of Guinness was married, neat! Did a bunch of work and uploaded some videos and had a snack.

We then headed to the old Windmill Lane Studios where U2 recorded the first few albums. Its not abandoned with lots of awesome graffiti. We even saw some kids adding their own. We recorded a video there on U2.

Today was also the “Super Bowl” of the local Gaelic football. The local Dubs were playing Mayo in Dublin. It seemed like half the country was in town and cheering for their team. We went into a bar to watch the game with some locals. The game was fun to watch – its a mix between soccer and rugby. The locals were all about their team and were very excited when they won. The bar erupted!

After that excitement we had a light dinner and headed back to the ship after a long day.

One Thought on “Day 30: Recording & work

  1. I assume I can go to the plaid web site to catch up on the filming and posts. That’s next on my list. Too bad the ship doesn’t have better internet so that you wouldn’t need to spend your time chasing down internet places where you visit.

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