Today I got up early to make the trip to Howth which is about 45 minutes north of Dublin. I unfortunately missed the 8am shuttle so had to walk to the train station. Then at the main city train station book a ticket to Howth. It was a 45 minute ride through the suburbs.

There are trails that go all over the island and I went for the longer route that went all the way across then back around to the pier area. The path was a bit confusing and not well marked at the beginning, but I found some locals and they gave me proper directions.

Part of the trail was across a golf course so I looked left and right for incoming golf balls and hustled across, lol.

It was a beautiful hike up and over, and then along some the cliffs on the far side. I saw a couple light houses and some beautiful scenes of the harbor and Dublin. It was about a 4 hour hike when I made it to the pier and was quite hungry.

I looked on my phone on Foursquare for a good places for lunch and found a place named “Octopussy tapas bar” and I had to go with that. Wow was it amazing. I was starving from the hike and ordered 6 oysters and shrimp in a spicy red sauce. Soo good! I was still hungry after that and asked the waitress what her favorite was and she recommended the monkfish, mussels, and baby shrimp in a white wine, butter, garlic sauce. Omg it was devine, best meal I’ve had so far! I had a house French Sauvignon Blanc white wine with it, yum!

Then it was back to the train and Dublin. I took a shower and then a delightful nap. I woke up and wandered to dinner to see if there was anyone I knew. I saw Sarah an RD I knew from Cville and we decided to go out to a wine bar. We went to a couple bars and have dessert and then ran into John and had another glass and another snack. It was a fun night as I hadn’t gotten a chance to hang with Sarah yet much on the trip cause we’ve been so busy.

One Thought on “Day 29: Howth hike

  1. Awesome pictures of your hike! I’m beginning to notice how many pictures you take of the food you’re eating! Which means you haven’t had a meal you didn’t enjoy! And that’s great.

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