So we stayed docked in Le Harve an extra 36 hours before leaving Wednesday morning around 6am. There were fears of very roughs seas and I was ready for it! And it ended up being pretty mild with a bit of rocking but not bad. Days at sea are the same – work, class, eat, work, drink, hangout, etc.

John did a good talk on Ireland and the history the night before we docked so that was fun and interesting. I booked Guinness tickets for Friday morning so that will be fun. Also Friday night is Dublin’s culture night so I went through the 150+ events and picked out the ones I wanted to attend and planned my night.

The internet is pretty bad. I can really only do work before noon and then its 5 minutes to load an page, ridiculous! And they said it could be interfered with in Dublin port…hmm not sure it could get any slower.

One Thought on “Days 25-26-27: Le Havre to Dublin

  1. Of course you planned your visit and sites to see in Dublin! That’s why your blog is so interesting!

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