I got up early today to head to the local fish market which has been operating for about 300 years. It’s only open from 5am to 9:30 and we left the ship around 7:30.

I think all of us on the ship had the same idea cause we passed a bunch of people coming back and heading there. The place was packed!

Most of the stalls up front were tourist goods but then the further you went in the more food products there were. I’ve realized that bread here is just a vehicle for meat. You saw foot+ long sausages in a tiny bun and a hamburg type bun with a huge piece of fried fish.

We ran into another SAS staffer who told us to hit up the music hall at the very end. It was awesome! It had a live band jamming out 60s-80s songs in English. Plus they had food and beer stalls. We grabbed a beer and I got a dish with 3 fried eggs over some crispy potatoes, yum!

Oh and the place was packed. Everyone was eating, drinking and even dancing- at 9am in the morning! What a great time!

We then made our way downtown to find a giant poster of Chancellor Angela Merkel that John wanted to film in front of. You can find that video hereĀ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OKRHD5gae3g

We had some pizza for lunch, and then went back to the ship as we are off to Antwerp!





One Thought on “Day 16: Hamburg, fischmarkt

  1. Sounds like a fun day to be off the ship. Good pics!

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