Good morning! Got up early again and got my workout on, this time attempting legs. I was able to do squats and use a few machines without much pain. The ace bandage helps keep it stable. Its still swollen, but not as much as it was. Is does has some funky bruising, which the doctor said it normal.

John wanted to record a class shout-out from the ship and let them know about their quizzes this week so we shot that from deck 7th observation deck. I really should of gotten one of those furry coverings for my shotgun mic to help deal with the wind noise. Maybe I can find one in Hamburg or Antwerp.

Next we headed out to find wifi and tried the other direction near a park we wanted to film in. We forgot it was Saturday, and every cafe had brunch. We finally found a cafe with free wifi and room for us to sit down and work. The brunch buffet was only 7 euro so we gave that a go as well. It was delicious. Mostly smoked meats and fish, cheeses, 6 types of bread, sauces, yogurt, etc. Yum!

I edited and exported the video we just recorded and did some other work. The connection there was too slow to upload so we headed out to record another segment.

BismarckThis one was in front of an enormous Otto von Bismarck in a local park. The statue was really cool as it had some colorful graffiti on the bottom and then the actually figure of Bismarck was so tall.

Then we were off to the Apple store figuring they must have good internet and it was decent. Took about 30 minutes to upload the class video.

Finally before heading back to the ship we had heard about this tunnel, the Alter Elbtunnel, that went under the Elbe river to the port side. The tunnel is 4-5 stories down and mostly used by bikes and people on foot but apparently its open for an hour in the morning and evening for cars. The elevator takes a bit since there is always a line for both people and bikes to get on and go up or down. It did have a great view of Hamburg from the other side though and its always cool walking under a river :)

We headed back to the ship and I met up with some folks who I enlisted to go to an English meet up at wine bar. is a way that locals can get together and plan events. I had seen earlier in the week that a group of English speaking people in Hamburg go together regularly to practice their English or just meet other English speakers. I thought it was a great way to meet some locals and it was just that. Although many of the people we met were expats living in Hamburg from all over and loving it. It was great to talk to them. I met a person who was an engineer who worked on windmills, financial analyst from the US, an English teacher from Nova Scotia, and many others. I hope to find one of these groups in every port as it was awesome.

Next we took the subway back to the city center for the bands playing and watch/listen a bit more. I grabbed a falafel wrap as I hadn’t eaten yet. We hung out there for about an hour and they wanted to party more but I was ready to ice my ankle and get some sleep. We parted ways and I made my way back to the ship. Hamburg is super safe and we were docked so close to the city center it was awesome.

Another reason to go back to the ship – going to the fish market in the morning, which opens at 5am. I don’t plan to be there that early but wanted to see it.

One Thought on “Day 15: Hamburg: Park, Filming & Meetup

  1. seems the way to go to talk with locals–sounds very interesting. What, you can’t go into a wifi place without eating–better spend more time in the gym. Hope the ankle is quickly recovering!

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