This article from the New York Times sparked my interest: Say No to College

Personally I think too many students are going straight to college for the reason that it’s expected or to get a good job, not to expand their minds, make friends, networking, and find what they are passionate about.  I feel this way from the encounters I’ve had with students on my campus – those who are angry they have to waste their time on a stupid humanities class – they are here for engineering or those who feel they are entitled to their full grade because they submitted an assignment…that was poorly done.

From the article:

“Education isn’t a four-year program,” Mr. Goering said. “It’s a mind-set.”

Yes! And if students feel they can get the education they need without attending college than thats awesome! With the amount of MOOCs and other online tutorial website/videos if you want to pick up a still you can. If you only reason for going to college is to get a good job afterward, then skip college and get a job now.

I’m all about people going to college – I mean I do work at one! I just want to make sure it’s for the right reasons and that they know there might be other options out there.



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