I came across this post from Audrey Watters, who I follow on twitter and get her weekly newsletters. Her blog Hack Education is a great resource for whats happening in education, especially education technology and start-ups.

The post is from Ian Bogost, “Senior Associate Vice Provost of Something.” On the top-heaviness of universities. Which was a response to this Business Week article “The Troubling Dean-to-Professor Ratio”

This was from the Business Week article:

At universities nationwide, employment of administrators jumped 60 percent from 1993 to 2009, 10 times the growth rate for tenured faculty.

From Ian’s post (I totally agree):

There aren’t too many deans at universities, generally speaking… Rather, there are too many other executives and administrators, many of whom hold posts that operate outside of the purview of faculty governance, and risk becoming political moves on the part of presidents and provosts who create them.

Having been at a university for ten years now as a student, graduate student, and now working as a staff member, I do feel as though there are way too many administrators.  I remember as a graduate student in Geography having to get all of this paper work done for the Graduate School which was a pain. Why did I have to go to another place for paper work when I was doing my degree in Geography?

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