This past Saturday was our big TEDx event at Virginia Tech. Looking back we started planning for this a year ago and it was awesome to finally see it happen. All day on Friday we had our dry run where each of the presenters gave their last talk before the main recorded one on Saturday. a couple stumbled through and we were concerned for their talks the next day. But on Saturday every single one of our speakers nailed their talks. It was amazing to have been part of the process and seen where they had come!

I live twittered the event under our twitter account, @TEDxVT. I had taken some short notes during Friday’s dry run which allowed me to quickly craft the tweets on Saturday. The account did however get shut down during the second to last speaker for going over our daily limit. That was of course frustrating since we weren’t spamming and all the tweets had good content. Which they wouldn’t just refer to an algorithm and wait to see if someone has been reported for spam. Oh well!

Below is a Storify I created to summarize the day. Enjoy!

First ever TEDx event at Virginia Tech was held on November 10, 2012. Here are a collection of tweets from the day.

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