So this semester we’ve had the most demand ever for the world leader twitter assignment. I had people emailing who had seen the assignment in the syllabus before the first day of class! So, after Boyer mentioned it the first day of class and to email me ASAP, I got around 200 emails that night. In the next few days I had given out all the accounts we had from previous semester. I then started creating new ones…I didn’t realize how many leaders were out there, especially Chinese ones! A week after the first class on August 29, I now had 239 accounts, up from around 130. Creating accounts takes a while too – I have to create their email address first through Google Apps for Business and then their twitter account with photo and proper profile. You can see the final list hereĀ

I’m glad I’m done creating, but feel bad I have to turn students away, but the most unknown leaders as so hard to twitter for! Now I have a short break until its time to grade them all in late October.



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