From the Wall Street Journal:

Do too many people go to college graph

I took the survey, and as of 3:40pm on June 21 this was the results. I voted yes.

I do think too many students go to college and take on way too much debt that they will not be able to pay off for a long time after school. I think the United States needs to invest in more vocational schools and apprenticeship programs so people have a skill. The people with skilled jobs in this country are diminishing – stone mason, plumber, electrician, etc. We need more of them, and they make good money!

Also, I feel that the “toughness” of college is decreasing, looking at just the last 10 year GPA changes in my geography department is amazing. 100% of classes overall GPA have gone up. Students feel more entitled to their A then ever before, which I’ve encountered many a time in rude emails from students demanding a higher grade that they do not deserve.

I think that the move to online education and certification would help students learn skills and not have to go to college. I love that idea that in the future, businesses require certificates from 10 different free online courses instead of a 4 year bachelors degree.

We’ll have to see what the future holds.



One Thought on “WSJ: Do Too Many Young People Go to College?

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